Covid Diary: Month 7

Today marks the completion of 7 months of me going into the lockdown, living the #ISOLife, and surviving Covid. We are at the tail end of it. A week or two more until we are allowed to wash off the Scarlet letters ISO which has been donned on us since four months ago.

And I feel — well almost — okay? I remember how panicky I was last month when I realized I have been living this Covid infested life for half a year. Happy to report that I don’t feel that way anymore. At least nowhere as strongly.

Since the last Covid Diary, the number of new cases in Victoria keeps dropping. Today there were only two new cases.

The whole state has started to feel hopeful. Holding their breath for Sunday’s lockdown update from our Premier — hoping that he will announce some good news. Anything from lifting the 5KM living/travel ban to allowing indoor gathering will be good enough.

Plans have started rolling in. Or more like reinstated after being canceled at the beginning of the year, which was revived in the middle of the year when we had the 2 weeks of so-called easing-back before being canceled again when we were put back into the longest lockdown compared to anywhere else in the world.

I am no different. My calendar now has different colors on it instead of the perpetual blue which is how I categorize my work stuff. Now, there is a burst of pink here and there. Marking a belated birthday date with Aina, an anniversary dinner at Yagiz, and a picnic in the park with Liz.

But I am not keeping my hopes high. I had done it in the past and kept getting disappointed. So yeah, good news will be good. Bad news will be survived. At least in this corner of the world.

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