Stretching Through Words

I woke up with my mind spilling out ideas on things to write.

From having invented my own words throughout my life, to how daylight savings is stupid because we all have an alarm on our phone now. As do the farmers. Also, daylight savings always makes me feel bad as it metaphorically pushes me further away from my parents and family back home.

I had other things I thought about while brushing my teeth but it’s gone now. This personal blog makes me want to update every single thought that I have had that I find slightly fascinating or record worthy. Like I want to record the past 20 years of my thoughts. 

Anyway, I think the reason I have so many things I want to write about is because I have unlocked the next level of writing. By re-stating a personal blog, which I kept in the early 2000s but abandoned thanks to the rise of SEO gurus.

I forgot how great of an ally a personal blog can be. Keeping it is equivalent to stretching in a hot yoga class on a particularly chill winter evening. It feels so good, both while doing it and the after effect.

And these past few days I felt exactly that.

Even better, because I have done it before so I knew how it felt. Now doing it again feels like amping up my self-care act.

The years in between? Well, remembering what Nora Ephron said about the personal blog:

A blog is a sort of like an exhale.

It did feel like I was holding my breath. For the longest time. I should be surprised that I didn’t pass out, figuratively speaking. Or maybe I did, again figuratively speaking, just that I didn’t acknowledge it.

2 thoughts on “Stretching Through Words

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