Post Exam Crash

I completed the first of six CPA exams today.

By completed I mean I sat for the online exam, while a stranger watched my ugly-thinking face for four hours straight through the webcam.

The result will be out in December. What an anti-climax it’s to wait for the result for two whole months. By then I would have forgotten what are the eight ethic codes established by OECD.

Send cookies pls.

The intial post-exam plan was to do a bit of office work. After that, maybe write a bit and read a chapter of People From My Neigbourhood. The latest book by my favorite Japanese author, Hiromi Kawakami. I ordered it from the Paperback Bookshop early this month, yet haven’t had the chance to immerse myself in it.

But, my brain was like “Hell no, I am way too spent rn!” — Partly because of the exam but also because I have been constantly stressing out about it since last week. My brain was crashing, so was I.

I zoned out with The Binding playing on the Netflix in the background, before eating delicious dinner — courtesy of Fafa who treated me to Indonesian food for completing the exam — and drinking a whole (relatively small) bottle of wine.

An hour ago, not wanting to drop the 30 days writing challenge ball this early, I opened the laptop to write about chasing the Glico Running Man in Osaka. Well, I tried, but I just couldn’t.

The Running Man will have to wait. For now, this will do.

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