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Six of Wands Drawn A Bit Prematurely

I pull Six of Wands from the Spacious Tarot deck today. This card differs a lot compared to the one on classic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

There are no people on the card — as all cards in the Spacious Tarot deck. Here, the Six of Wands is depicted with three white wands leaning against three black wands donning a victory wreath, with sunset color on the background. It’s beautiful.

Six of Wands strongly associated with personal achievement and victory. Though it does not necessarily fall under my favorite cards bucket, it’s still a very positive card.

Just that it feels a bit premature pulling it today when my exam is tomorrow.

Maybe it serves as a reminder since I have been stressing out all week. That I have been progressing well in my study. That I should be confident tomorrow is going to be good. That I just need to keep being positive while keeping my head down (to finish reading the last chapter in the syllabus).

More about Six of Wands

Keywords: Success, victory, pit-stop, confident, achievement, community, being celebrated, celebrations, cherished, support system.

4 thoughts on “Six of Wands Drawn A Bit Prematurely

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