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Daily write of daily life

A travel-blogger who I don’t particularly like, but still read because of my wanderlust, once wrote that you should start a blog and write on it daily, for a year, before claiming yourself as a blogger.

At that time, I thought “ha! who has the time for that!“.

But now, at the very beginning of this yet-another-but-this-time-it’s-a-personal-blog blog I wonder whether there is some weight to her words.

I am inclined to try it.

Full disclosure, I am not sure whether I can do it for a full year. But at least a quarter or even a month of daily writing? I think I can commit to it. Since we are still on lock down and all.

So here is to daily writing until it stops.

Ps. Why I choose today, a week before my CPA exam, to start this is beyond me.

4 thoughts on “Daily Writing

  1. We often don’t know what we’re capable of until we push ourselves. I myself didn’t know I could churn out two 800-word articles per day, while spending twelve of those hours on the road gathering material. Not the best workflow, but it wasn’t my choice since someone was paying me to do it.

    In the end though? I learned that I could write much more than I ever thought I could.

    I believe you have it in you to do daily posts. You already have the presentation part down pat. Wishing you all the best with this journey!

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  2. Thank u for the kind words (again!) Stuart. Truly appreciate it 🧡 800 words well written article a day seems like a far-fetched dream for me — for now, but gotta start somewhere eh? Once again, thanks for encouragement, I will keep it in my mind whenever the lazy-monster comes out to play.


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