Hard To Find Tarot Decks

Browsing indie decks online is one of my current favourite self-care activities. I resort to it, especially on the days when I don’t have any more energy but to lay on the bed.

When I see a deck that I really like there — the one I can’t stop thinking about, I put it in my deck lust list. So, I can get it when I reach the saving amount I set under the fun-shopping category.

I rarely buy a deck on the spot. As the deck must fit at least three criteria: it must be an indie deck, created by a queer artist who also reads tarot and lastly, affordable price.

This method works. My bank balance thank me for it. But on the flip side I have also fallen in love with some decks, but waited too long that they are either become hard to find or has ceased production.

Case in point:

Delta Enduring Tarot deck, Bakara Wintner’s Postcards From The Liminal Space Oracle and Dori Midnight’s Dirty Tarot deck.

Now, if you have these decks and are willing to part ways it with, I am happy to trade in with you. Check out the complete list of the tarot decks I own and also my oracle decks collection. Or if you are happy to sell it, I am happy to buy it from you if the price is reasonable.

10 thoughts on “Hard To Find Tarot Decks

      1. HAHAHAHA! I so can relate ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I got at least two tarot decks from Beth. I love her and want to support indie shops. What is sitting on top of your wishlist at the moment? Mine is The Future Ancestor Tarot by a Filipina-American artist, Alexa Villanueva.

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        1. I’m at the point where I’m scared to commit, so it’s like I don’t currently have one at the top of my wish list, like I do but I don’t- too much confusion in one post. I got my first Indie deck yesterday, the rest from my collection is mass produced. But I’m in love with indie decks, and I want to do reviews on my website, solely of those kind. I want to make sure I pick the ones that really speaks on another level.

          Thank you for introducing me to The Future Ancestor Tarot, I’ve just looked it up and it looks pretty cool, that’s a good choice ๐Ÿ™‚


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