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A Journaling Ritual

Journaling for me is an anchor, outlet and act of self-care.

I wanted to start this entry by guilting myself that I once again fell off of the journaling wagon. But then I thought yes, even though I enjoyed journaling in the past and that I love rereading the old journals I have yet to realize the deeper connection I have with the act of journaling.

Only a couple of weeks ago I told Jik that I want to write daily because it’s my anchor, but only today I realized that journaling is an act of self-care for me. Not just journaling willy nilly — though yes it’s the base — but taking the time to indulge in journaling, with a cup of tea and maybe some happy vibes snacks. Using nice stationaries and blocking time. Yes, I will take 10 mins if that’s all I can get but an hour would be ideal. The more, the better. Not as an afterthought of my day like Netflix. But as a deliberately chosen self-care time, which I honour as a ritual.

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