One for All Blog

I am trying to write a post about Toyosu, the new fish market in Japan as I plan to publish it on Kulture Kween on the up coming Monday. But I can’t muster the motivation to do so.

So instead I logged in into this blog – I wonder whether brain-dumping here will build the momentum to write the planned post above.

Nothing much happened today. And there is no provoking thoughts sprouted in my mind as well.

I have been WFH for more than two months thanks to COVID.

I got my Rider Waite Smith tarot deck today which I am going to use to learn tarot from Natta. I am excited about learning more about tarot, but I am also burdened by the thoughts of updating the tarot blog, and this blog along with my main blog.

I wish I can combine all these blogs. Cooking it all together. Putting it all under one umbrella. Branding it as me.


But f-ing Google Search. F-ing SEO.

I can’t even come up with idea on how to combine my travel and tarot, let alone culture and tarot. But how could would that be?

Like, you know, I would be traveling witch who do professional tarot reading during all my travels and write about that in my blog.

Maybe I can slowly turn my culture blog direction to focus more on woo-woo-ness of the world culture.

Ha! I dream big – too big, for someone who can’t even muster 300 worded posts for about Japan. A place I love so dearly.

But how wrong it’s to want to write whatever weird/uncool/morbid/basic things I feel like writing??

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