February 2020

I got a new job in a company where I want to work. Hence I have been busy with the whole new-job-what-this saga. If you follow my Instagram, you might have known about it already, since I have been posting pictures of new coffee shops I have been trying on my morning commute.

I started cooking! One of my 2020 goals is to master 20 dishes. So far, I have made 13 dishes and only failed twice. I am pretty proud of this “achievement” and recently realized that cooking, even when I have to do it in my almost non-existence kitchen, relaxes me. Only seven more dishes to go to tick-off this goal. Any suggestions on what should I cook next?

Another one of my 2020 goals is to use the second-hand film camera I scored on eBay more. Not only more but better because though I am happy with how some pictures turned out, I agree with Fafa, who said that it’s an expensive hobby to adopt if I don’t know how to work with it.

Lastly, I started a tarot blog (please don’t roll your eyes!) to document my journey of mastering the 78 tarot cards this year. That blog is more like a journal for me, but who knows. Hopefully, it will get better in time, and maybe I will combine it with this blog. Tarot and Travel, what do you think?

Premium Youtube is one of the best investment I made last year. Before, when a Youtuber addresses me as “friend” on the screen, I would smirk and close the tab so fast before they say “please subscribe”. But not working for a couple of months turned some of them into my friends.

I watched You and Ghost Stories on Netflix. LOVED both! Currently, I am reading Chinglish and Kenduri, both are getting boring, so I might abandon them.

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