Tarot Decks To Add To The Spiritual Practice

You guys, I am in the market for a new tarot deck and before you ask me “well, who doesn’t?” but I do have legit reasons. I want to know whether it’s true that each deck has its own personality and strength. I have interviewed my current deck, The Everday Witch and found a lotta more about it. Now, I feel the need to own, interview and work with another tarot deck to do the comparison. I want to see different images and learn from the similarities and differences.Also, lately I haven’t been connecting well with my current tarot deck. I have a feeling that it might be due to the moon cycle, especially during waning to new moon. I felt the same thing, the less connection, in Japan and coincidentally it’s also during new moon. Or, it might be because I have been retraining it to do a daily 3 card spread  (theme of the day, need to focus on and writing prompt) instead of the draw a card a day routine we have had established so well in the past.I crave for variety and the possibility of combining different decks for a single reading, or using different deck for different purpose.Lastly, I intend to get Fafa to get me the new tarot deck, to honor the myth that tarot deck needs to be given not bought by oneself. I don’t really believe in the myth, case in point I already have decks which I purchased by myself, still it would feel really special getting one set from him. Basically, I have many reasons, my reasons, to get a new tarot deck.Alright, now time to come clean. I have spent an excessively embarrassing amount of time researching on my next tarot deck. The option is almost endless, but I have narrow it down to my top 10. Unfortunately, I can’t choose beyond this point which is why I need you to help me choose one. You can comment below, join the pool or text/DM/email me.Here are the 10 tarot decks that fall into my intuition radar in no particular order and my thoughts on the Strength Card which I have adopted as my card.

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