Where To Donate Your Tarot Decks?

One of my 2020 goals is to live a simpler life, buying and consuming less stuff. In life with this goal, I have been purging my life of the things that no longer spark my joy. #MarieKondo. Unfortunately, some tarot decks which I bought but don’t use for various reasons went into the same pile.

I didn’t want to throw it obviously. It’s as sacred as books for me.

At first I thought I would pass it to fellow tarot enthusiasts. The thing is, I don’t know anyone in my circle who is into tarot.

Then, I turned into Facebook groups. Searching: “Tarot Melbourne, Tarot Australia, Tarot…” – Though I find it easily, I was too chicken to offer publicly to give away the decks. I thought, those weren’t my groups. I didn’t participate. Imagine someone comes inside your house to offer you something. It just didn’t feel right to me.

I sat on my first world problem for a while, when an idea came into my mind. Yes, I don’t have anyone in my friends cycle who is tarot BUT I know a tarot reader, Sandra. Sandra is the first tarot reader who I went to get a reading in Melbourne. She is also the one who reignites my passion for tarot. I texted Sandra. She is happy to re-home the tarot decks. Hence, I will pass to her on Valentine’s day.

Have you ever donated tarot decks before?

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