Tarot Decks I Wish Existed

I wish Harry Potter Tarot deck to exist.

Also, I wish for a deck that represents the richness of South Indian culture. So far, I only came across the Sacred India Tarot deck. But the sacred part is not appealing to me. I can’t relate to it at all.

My dream deck would have the images of brown skin Indian women doing daily stuff like eating, doing yoga, practicing classical dance, having a  party. You know, the stuff we see in many Bollywood movies. Maybe even depicting few famous Indian actresses. Vidya Balan would be the Empress, Aishwaraya Rai as the Highest Priestest and Priyanka Chopra as the Strength. Maybe I should start my own Kickstarter project and create this dream deck of mine, while – for a few months in Bali. I can put it as a business expense.

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