This Might Hurt Tarot Isabella Rotman

8 Tarot Decks I Am Lusting Over in 2020

Here are some tarot decks I am lusting over — and willing to part with my a portion of my pay-check in exchange for — in 2020. Sorted by my level of obsession from top to bottom. Prices are in USD, excluding shipping.

1. This Might Hurt by Isabella Rotman – $45

Update: I bought it and loved how colorful it’s.

2. Cosmic Cycle Tarot – $40

Created by Martina Razo and illustrated by Miriam E.G. The cards are so refreshing. It’s urban and relatable. I love the purple hue on the cards. My favorite is The Fool card.

3. Modern Witch Tarot – $20

I had the Everday Witch Tarot deck for a while, but I donated it recently because though I love the witchy artworks, I couldn’t really learn from it. I think this deck would be the answer for someone who loves anything and everything witchy, but also want to learn tarot from the classic Rider Waite Smith. But, for some reason, I have been delaying buying the Modern Witch Tarot which I plan to get this soon just because it’s a witch and tarot reader essential.

4. The Spacious Tarot – $65

I surprised myself for gratifying towards this deck, as it doesn’t have people on it compared to the base of most tarot illustrations, the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Update: I received this deck as a birthday gift from Fafa.

5. The Golden Girls Tarot – $14
6. Tarot of the Lucid’s Slumber – $50
7. Tarot New Vision
8. The Cook’s Tarot – $45

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