New Year Day in Tokyo

Happy New Year from Japan. I woke up at 4.30 AM and started replying to all the new year wishes until I fell asleep again.

Sushi 🍣 was our first meal of 2020. We went to Sushizanmai at the Tsukiji Fish Market for lunch as I was curious to check out the the restaurant chain that bought one single tuna 🐟 for $3m at the New Year’s auction at Toyosu fish market. The sushi was really good 👌🏽 and we only paid a few hundreds Yen per plate 😋.

We then walked to Ginza and later took train to Shinjuku. We stopped at Starbucks for the hot Azuki Beans Latte, I also stopped at Kinokuniya to get some English translated Japanese literature. We then dropped my last film roll to be developed in BIC Camera and stock up on beauty products at the Japanese drug store.

Our last dinner was Tebasaki chicken. We then went to the Loft at Tokyo Solamachi and went back to the hotel to pack. I had some choya and wrote a gratitude list which seemed like a good practice to do as a part of New Year rituals.

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