2019 The Year I…

…Rang in another new year in Japan.

…Took online writing class with Gotham.

…Used Ink+Volt planner.

…Bought AirPod and thanked myself for one of the best decision of my life.

…then I left the said AirPod in Denmark and flew back to Melbourne without it. A month or so later, we were reunited.

…Went to Kerala and stayed in the boathouse.

…Attended my best-friend wedding in Malaysia.

…Became Australian PR.

…Stayed in my childhood bedroom with Fafa.

…Travel to Scandinavia.

…Took up film photography hobby.

…and soon bought second-hand MjuII from eBay.

…Took the redundancy package from work.

…Lived a tai-tai life for two months.

…Bought my first branded shoe (using my redundancy $).

…Qued to see MYERS’ Christmas display.

…Paid for Youtube Premium because life is too short.

…Visited The Intan House in Singapore.

…Went to Takasaki and got a blessing from the priest in the Daruma temple.

…Celebrated Christmas in Japan.

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