Nostalgic in Singapore

It was 4 AM when we reached Singapore. I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours. Thanks to the delayed flight from Kochi. I was tired and a bit grumpy. I have been contemplating paying extra to the hotel for an early check-in so I can crash at the hotel immediately.

When the taxi driver asked me “Where to?”. I didn’t even pause for a second, “Hotel G Bugis, please”. Figured even if they don’t have any room available, or if it’s too expensive, I could just leave the luggage there before roaming around Singapore like a zombie for a few hours.

When the CityCab sedan sped past the airport, in the bright moonlight, I saw Singapore. My Singapore.

I saw the high-rise condos in the East and the warehouses; monochromatic HDB buildings the cultural icon of Singapore; the soon-to-be-awake malls and school buildings; and some lighted floors in some of the otherwise dark office buildings, a true mark of Singapore working culture.

Several other cars passed by; a number of youngsters in their clubbing attire (it was Saturday morning after all) and empty parks.

These sights made me smile. It’s all too familiar, thanks to the eight years of living as a Singapore expat. The endorphins kicked in. I was home and feeling nostalgic in Singapore.

Soon after I got down in Bugis and managed to get an early room for half the price. Not ideal, but my battery is dangerously close to zero.

I checked in, took a shower, and jumped onto the softest bed. My body was ready to shut down. My brain didn’t.

“Why did I decide to leave Singapore anyway?” “Why does it still feel like home?” “How did I feel on my last day in Singapore?” “Will it always be home for me?” “There are so many nooks and cranny of Singapore I have yet to explore”. “I miss this city” “I love Singapore”.

Eventually, riddled with these thoughts, I drifted to the Lala land.

I woke up a few hours later and proposed to Fafa to have a week-long vacation, pretend-living like a local in Singapore, next year. “Deal!”, he replied.

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