Seeking Sri Lankan Cuisine

It’s weird to say the first time I had ever eaten Sri Lankan food was when I was the furthest from the country, in Australia. I had my first Sri Lankan cuisine when I was in Melbourne at a buffet restaurant near my office called Cinnamon. Fafa took me there in my first month living here after I declared the food in Melbourne being terrible – bland and expensive to be exact – over and over again for a whole month.

The place didn’t look great from the outside. But I could see there was a celebration going on the minute I stepped inside. Or just that everyone was happy and merry. Even though I came without much hope, I still had some. After all, it’s South Asian cuisine – one of my faves, only second to Indonesian.

I have eaten a few more Srilankan restaurants in the past years. From Araliya to Elephant Corridor. Unfortunately, nothing left an impression on me. On the other hand, we have a Sri Lankan friend who is a fantastic cook who has been feeding us regularly, and her cooking will forever be the high standard of my Sri Lankan food experience, which will be hard to match.

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