The Emperor’s Birthday in Nagoya

Three hour ride from Tokyo later, we reached Nagoya. I was absolutely starving by the time we reach Nagoya because there was apparently no food-cart in the local train. It was the Emperor’s birthday. It was crowded everywhere, we couldn’t find a place to eat. We ended up que-ing in front of Garett Popcorn stall. It was by far one of the best travel decisions I have made in my life, because they had Ogura butter popcorn. It was so delicious. I also bought a bigger Miaw.

Nagoya is so freaking cold that I made Fafa walk a few blocks so that we could find a hidden ZARA and get me another winter jacket.

I don’t feel at home at Nagoya. It seems like a city where people come to do shopping. The streets are filled with cars and people. But at least we are staying in very nice hotel and we just had the most delicious chicken wings dinner. I am writing this from a Starbucks across the hotel. We tried to get our favorite Strawberry cake but there is no more cake available in Takano bakery because everyone has bought it for Christmas.

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