King of Swords Reverse Moon Void Tarot

Misinterpreting The Reversed King of Swords

I haven’t been blogging for almost a month now. Worse, I haven’t been writing much either.

The desire to blog decline slowly as the Google Analytics figures decline steadily in the past few month. And this was after all the effort I put on the Pinterest. All the pinnings, all the hours of doing that while sitting down in front of the TV like a mindless doofus. It was discouraging, to say the least. And to see the blog views halved in August and again halved in September was depressingly discouraging indeed. The blog was making me miserable. So much so that I thought:

“What’s the point of writing if anyone is not reading?”

I don’t know.

I asked the tarot to shed some light on this blog of mine. I got the King of Swords reversed.

Based on the image alone and because it’s reversed, I interpreted the message as to hang the sword—time to put down the pen. Until yesterday, that message has been affirmed in my head. That the Universe wants me to stop blogging for now. To take a break. To pause. that I don’t need to do this.

But today, I got a reminder from Pri. She said:

“You can’t create because you want it to be liked by others. You create because you want to create.”

Her words made me realize that in the last few months I had been creating with “being read by others” mindset.

Would I still create if it’s for myself? I wondered. So today, back home — WHICH I SHOULD HAVE DONE ON THAT DAY ITSELF — I checked the actual meaning of Reversed King of Sword on Biddy Tarot. She said:

The King Swords reversed represents ‘quiet power’. You may not be the loudest person in the room or the most visible on public platforms. However, you have a lot to contribute and share in your own magical way. Your power and authority come from within, from your unwavering belief in yourself, your deep connection to your values, and your commitment to stand firm in your truth. You do not allow others to steer you off-course, instead preferring to draw your energy from your Higher Self and connect with what truly matters to you.

Oh wow! This message feels like a balm to my sore restless mind.

What I needed was a reminder that even though I am not famous, I still something valuable and magical to contribute. Which completely aligned with Pri’s quote earlier today.

Ha! Why it took me these many days to gain a better understanding by doing more research on my own reading. Especially for a topic that I am obsessed about.

The King of Swords reversed is not telling me to hang my pen, but to continue contributing but drawing power and inspiration form my inner-self. The message has been cemented in my mind now.

2 thoughts on “Misinterpreting The Reversed King of Swords

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