Screwed Myself with Squarespace

This is the story where I screwed myself with Squarespace.

If you pop by to my blog directly from Google, you might have noticed that it doesn’t look the same as it was a couple of months ago. Because, recently, I moved to Squarespace. So much has happened on and for this blog between July and now and so many regrets in relation to it.

Why don’t we retrace my decision to move to Squarespace?

A few months ago, I lost my blogging mojo. 

Losing blogging mojo is not a new thing, not for most bloggers, nor for me. Though It has happened to me before, this time hit me harder than ever. At first, I was too tired and too busy. Eventually, it turned into thinking there was nothing more to write nor anyone reading.

I considered stopping, or at least pausing since I don’t have much spare time and there is always something fun to do in Melbourne instead of writing for hours after a long day at work. 

But pausing, more specifically the blogging hiatus, which came with all the extra time, didn’t make me happy. If anything I felt a constant nagging in my head. 

I can’t remember whether it’s Elizabeth Gilbert, who said, in her book The Big Magic, that we need a creative outlet to be happy. Writing is mine. And I knew that’s the reason why I wasn’t enjoying the pause. At the same time, I wasn’t inspired to write.

I was stuck in this limbo for a while, until one day I took a notice of Squarespace ad on Call Your Girlfriend, one of the podcasts which I followed religiously. I checked, liked it, and went as far as setting up another blog called Nomad Witch as a place holder.

At first, after I got the taste of Squarespace, I couldn’t see my blog living in WordPress anymore. Squarespace is so tech-dimwit friendly! It excited me to discover new things here which brought back the blogging mojo. Case in point, on the few days I was in Squarespace, I wrote ten blog posts and when I got back to WordPress, I couldn’t even be bothered to log in. Eeek!

Eventually, I took the leap of faith and moved my blog from WordPress to Squarespace.

It was one of the worst decisions I have made in life.

There are so many things that WordPress has that Squarespace doesn’t, including the detailed back-end information about the posts, but the worst part was ALL my pictures from all 500+ posts. That’s easily  2000+ pictures. DAAAYYMNN!

I resolved to move back to WordPress after a few days and could see all my pictures again. But me it was also tiring for me to think and rethink, migrate and remigrate back again.

One day, I made an executive decision and moved back to Squarespace and deal with the problem there.

It was also not a good decision!

The move was a huge work in progress, there were many things I needed to do and fix. Especially, the most annoying thing, the broken links for ALL my pictures. I was going to fix it, you guys. I was targeting one old blog post a day, which means it will be done well.. in less than three years. But then my posts kept missing.

Gah! I have been thinking to just pause or at least stop with this blogging thing. I don’t know, you guys! I lost my blogging mojo but Squarespace managed to kill it.

Update: I moved back to WordPress.

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