Last Day in Singapore

We woke up the next day groggily. At least I could sleep today. My plan was to go to Arab Street to meet other friends but we had brunch first at a place near Vi’s place. I guess fancy-swanky coffee is invading Singapore, too. We then had lunch at Sari Ratu on Arab Street. Jesus, I missed this place. I over-ordered and ate and went to check whether Bhai Kadai is still open, but was too full to eat anything so went to om. I have seen this before but never gone inside. We sat down, ordered our kiwi tea, and dissected our love stories. Jesus. Why, oh why is love so fucking hard?? Whyyyyyyy… we started getting extra emotional, with lots of anger and yelling, and there were headaches and tears within the few minutes we sat down which crept the waiter away.

I also asked Vi to buy me the tapestry. The price was cheaper than the one I saw in the hippie place in Melbourne, like 5 times cheaper but it’s not as pretty, not even close. Should I go for it or should I wait since we are going to India next week? Even if it’s just for a weekend. It’s funny how I keep going to India for a weekend for my cousin’s wedding.

I was given a mug by Baby Peach and a tote bag by Vi and Uluru painting by Rachel.

We had a pact to meet next year in China or at least at my wedding, though I am hoping China will happen, too, as I don’t think I can be just one of them in my wedding. Look at me talking about a wedding.

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