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Last week, while having dim sum with my friends, I randomly shared a snippet from a recent true-crime podcast episode; of Issei Sagawa, a cannibal who ate his victims and claimed that the ass was the most delicious part. My friends stopped me then and there, asked what’s wrong with me, and promptly changed the non-Sunday-appropriate topic.

I’ve been listening to the true-crime podcasts for a few months now. I stumbled on it trying to find a replacement for the Black Tapes, a fictional, paranormal docudrama series, which was a bit more up my alley. But I do want to talk about true crime. I want to discuss the stories, the killers, the books, and the podcasts. Unfortunately, except for the occasional trivia with Pedro and fact-checks with Appa, no one in my social circle shares this interest, and no one I know listens to the true-crime podcast. Then I thought, hey, what if you guys do?! Wouldn’t that be crazy awesome?! If you are, hit me up, we need to be friends and discuss the latest episodes of the true-crime podcasts ASAP.

Top ten true-crime podcast:

1. Murder Dictionary

Schedule: Friday (jump-start your weekend celebration with it) // Best Episode: Jealousy – Reasons To Stay Single Part 2

Murder Dictionary was the latest addition to my true crime podcasts collection and it has drained my phone battery twice every day in the past weeks. Brianna and Kelley are a little crazy and a lotta fun. They come with attitudes, are merciless towards the killers, and more importantly, they are so relatable.

I have heard them cry during particularly hard episodes and they have made me LOL at inappropriate places at inappropriate times, which entitled them to be the #1 on this true-crime podcast list.

I have since become their Patreon supporter and I’m waiting for a chance to meet them IRL. Maybe next CrimeCon ladies?

2. Bloody Murder

Schedule: Monday (best cure for Monday blues) // Best Episode: 18: The Singing Serial Killer*

I like Bloody Murder because of the hilarious hosts, Tara and Barney, who are quite characters themselves.

They speak with accents sometimes and they have invented their own sayings, which get funnier every time you hear them, like shit in a bucket. I also like that there are two stories in each episode and that it’s a homegrown podcast. A girl’s gotta support her local brand.

Tara, Barney, I would love to grab a beer with both of you sometime!

* Because he is an Indonesian because people visit the prison to take selfies with him because he poses for these and lastly because he has his own action figure. God, save us!

3. True Crime Garage

Schedule: Wednesday (best during the Wednesday afternoon lunch slump or whenever you are having a bad day moment). Best Episode: The Fifth Nail.

This podcast has a very catchy opening theme song and even catchier hosts, who call themselves Nic and The Captain.

Both Captain and Nic have deep voices, which is nice enough to listen to when you need some R&R. The episodes are long and sometimes a story is broken into two episodes.  Storytelling wise, no other podcast does it as good as they do.

I have donated beer money to them, and I trust these two strangers enough that if I ever get lost somewhere in the dark, I would call them for help first before I call certain colleagues of mine.

4. True Crime Island

Schedule:  Sunday (best during Sunday cleaning) // Best Episode: 10 – The Murder of DM

True crime island podcast wasn’t love at the first listen. It was a little too fast-paced in the beginning, but then Cambo, the solo podcaster started to curse left and right, over and over again at the murders, the justice system, and the circumstances. I like his no-nonsense approach to true crime stories, no dilly dally on sharing who killed, what happened to them at the end and how much they deserve it. Thus, I became a fan.

5. True Crime Brewery

Schedule: Wednesday (best when you miss your parental figures or in need of direction in life) // Best Episode: The Murder of Michele MacNeil

Dick and Jill are husband and wife, which is a pretty rare occurrence in the true-crime podcast, or even podcast world in general. They discuss the cases thoroughly; argue about each other’s point of view, while still maintaining kindness towards each other. You don’t get this often. Btw, they also have another podcast called Watching ID. I have just started listening to it this week.

6. True Crime Japan

Schedule: Friday Bi-Weekly // Best Episode: The Kitakyushu Serial Murders *warning: this episode is pretty gory*

You don’t think I would pass a true-crime podcast based in Japan, do you?  It’s the combination of two of my obsessions. Listening to them made me feel closer to Japan, especially when Gigi and Dino share some facts that touch Japanese law or culture, which is something I am really interested in. Some of this information might turn out to be handy when we move there sometime in the near future.

7. Once Upon A Crime

Schedule: Tuesday (to tide you over to midweek) Best Episode: A Woman Scorned, Chapter 2: Jodi Arias

They do a series based on the type of crimes and share more information related to that crime type before jumping to the episodes which will help us to better understand the crime and why people sometimes do what they do.

8. Just Another Murder Podcast

Schedule: Tuesday (when you realized that Monday was just yesterday) Favorite Episode: No Helmut’s In This One…

Another homegrown podcast. Their tag is three Aussie ladies chatting about murder. This podcast is a bit more light-hearted and the girls are a tad bit too loud, but hey, it’s their podcast, they can do whatever they want I guess. Also, given the chance, I wouldn’t miss a chance to hang out with them. Coffee date ladies?

9. Murder Under The Midnight Sun

Schedule: Friday (right before you go to sleep) Favorite Episode: Femme Fatales Part 1, Celeste Beard

Ariel Jayne is the solo female host for this true-crime podcast. It’s nice because she covers relatively little-known cases, and imagining the stories coming all the way from Alaska adds a nice touch to it and weirdly has made me research it as the next travel destination.

10. Case File

Schedule: Saturday (chill Saturday is reserved for binge-watching 59 and growing case files) Once Best Episode: Case 51: Tina Watson

This super famous true-crime podcast needs no introduction. Case File is the first true-crime podcast listened to, the podcast that planted the true-crime obsession seed into my mind. Each case is very well researched and it’s the only one on this list with a proper website.

If you are more into mini-series, check out Phoebe’s Fall. This investigative podcast recently won a gold award. I have also subscribed to Australia Crime, Felon, UK True Crime, Canadian True Crime, and the UK They Walk Among Us. If all these are still not enough, you need to get your hands dirty and hunt a killer for real! It’s a subscription box service that will mail you murder mystery’s waiting to be solved by you. Go on, apply for access, let your inner detective shine!

At the start of this obsession, I was worried that listening to these podcasts, would affect me and my mood negatively. That they would decrease my happy vibe, being constantly exposed to negativity, especially when I am sleeping, but I can honestly say that I am a happier person to be accompanied by these podcasts, especially during my cold commute or lunch alone days.  And thanks to it, I have become more vigilant now, including sending my Uber status to Fafa and demanding Jik to text me every night just to inform me once she reached home.

These podcasts keep me going, they increase my quality of life and I would like to think that they make me a little smarter.

Other than the obvious stuff like early indications of serial killers and the justice system, I have also learned other things from listening to these true crime podcasts. I learned that almost all of my fellow podcasters love to drink, (me to you guys!) and that they respect and support their each other; I have learned a lot more about the world’s culture, and lastly I have learned to never let Fafa take out life insurance on me.

It has also steamed my reading hobby back to life. I recently read two books which I mentioned in the last Melbourne Expat post, and am currently reading “Are you Sleeping” by Kathleen Barber.

If you are a true-crime podcast fan like me, let’s support them through Patreons, like them on social media, share the love, rate and review them on iTunes. I reckon some of them still hold day jobs and are doing this just for the fun of it, exactly like how I am typing this on a Friday evening instead of playing Stardew Valley while listening to my true-crime podcast.

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