August 2017

Highlights and Happenings

Melbourne was awarded the most liveable city in the world for the 7th time in a row. I am both grateful and prideful about this fact.

We went to Amanda’s house in Mitcham burbs’ last weekend. We had yummy yum cha at Wealthy Kitchen, drove around Box Hill and played with Charlie, her gorgeous dog.

Liz and I continued and turned the evening into a drinking session at the famous Caffé e Cucina at Chapel Street. She had chill infused cocktails while I had Negroni. Both were strong.

I have been lunching at Ratee Thai at the Port Philip Arcade at least once a week. They are the closest I can get to the authentic Thai spiciness. Unfortunately, they are closing this week without announcing their next place. Ugh! Meanwhile, If you are looking for a good Japanese restaurant in Melbourne CBD, try Mugen Ramen.

I started packing lunch to work, things like pita bread and hummus. Things that I don’t cook by myself. Still, I feel a little more adult-ey sitting with my lunch box with my lunch buddies.

Egyptian hibiscus tea! This red gold is perfect for winding down after a long day at the office.

If you are a foodie visiting Sydney, do check out Kepo Street Kitchen for brekkie, continue with Indomie for lunch and close it with supper at Dodee Paideng.

I went to a Leo moon herbal workshop and was drawn to Nature’s Wisdom deck. I have incorporated into my weekly reading and been drawing crystal clear affirmations from it—an excellent addition into my rituals.

Meanwhile, there was a new seat arrangement in the office, which resulted in a higher negative frequency near my desk, to put it mildly, ugh—time to place black obsidian between us.


We watched My Neighbor Totoro in the movie theatre. It must have been a rad animation in 1988. The storyline is simple, but I do like the message of appreciation the forest spirits and dancing around the seeds to make it grow.

TV shows wise; I only started watching GoT and been contemplating whether it’s worth it to spend hours watching the earlier seasons. Thoughts? I am amid Netflix Original called White Gold. I tried it because of Chuck Bass and stayed for Vincent Swan.

Stardew Valley has been taking most of my free time this month. I have been farming well into winter now, with four chickens and four cows. The next upgrade will be a big barn so I can start raising sheep.


Despite the addictive childhood game, I managed to finish four books; Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (why oh why didn’t I read this gem right after it came out?!) it’s absolute gold; Spirit Of The Night Sky, which I got in Uluru; and physiological thriller fictions: One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus and All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. For next month I have downloaded The Naked Witch and Are You Sleeping? and I am planning to read both on the flights.


Always extra excited to have stumbled upon another Indian female travel blogger, this time it’s Sonal (and her boyfriend Sandro) of the Drifter Planet.

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