Nomad Witch

I decided to get a new blog name for my 10 years of blogging and 4 years of Foreign Geek.

It was not a well-thought decision, per se. I haven’t even registered any of the social media, but I feel like it could be what I need to lift me from this blogging rut I have experienced for almost a month. I am not going to delete Foreign Geek.

It’s my brand, and who knows how long will this witchy infatuation last, but if it does, I might rebrand the whole Foreign Geek to Nomad witch.

Maybe this is me growing up. Maybe this is me being more real. Maybe this is me finding my second/another true voice. Maybe this is just a summer flight or, in my case, winter madness.

Whatever it’s, let me try this. I might like it. I might not, but let me know about it. And once I am done.

For now, I am just doing what I love doing.


I also want to shout out to Call Your Girlfriend podcast. Of all the podcasts ads I listen to, their was the one that got my attention and inspired me to start Nomad Witch on Squarespace. So thanks to them.

Good night and blessed be.

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