Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

Uluru and The Rest of Australia

The Uluru trip serves a reminder that I need to explore Australia before jet-setting North.

When we were living on the tiny island of Singapore, exploring new countries has always been the goal. Australia, on the other hand, is vast and offers many travel varieties, I will be satisfied plenty exploring the inland. I have driven to the Great Ocean Road and visited The Pinnacles so far, but I have so much more to experience in Australia.

I have yet to dive on the Barrier Reef, go on a caravan camping, visit the theme park in Queensland and so many other things.

If I ever leave Australia for an extended period time, let’s say a temporary move to Japan, which has been in the Universe wish list for a while now, I would come back here to pay an homage to Uluru, hoping this time I get to see the Emu in the wild which I missed out the Pinnacles as well.

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