Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

Pioneer Lodge-ing in Ayers Rock

I made the mistake of booking the flight tickets without realizing that all the rooms in the Ayers Rock resort were fully booked for that weekend. Our initial option was to sleep in a tent or the AirBnB at the Alice Springs, which is 3-hour drive away. I am a pretty adventurous person, but the idea of either of them put enough fear on me to call the resort diligently every single day to see whether they have any room booking cancelled at the last minute. Thank Universe they had and we ended up with a room at the Pioneer Lodge that looks like a motel but with the price and amnesties of a hotel.

For this long weekend trip, I brought my pink luggage while Jik only carried her backpack, but guess who needed to borrow half of the toiletries from her?

The Ayers Rock Resort is like an all in all playgrounds for the tourists. I usually not a fan of this thing, but I prefer to have this than to sleep in the ground, and I am so glad that we didn’t because those were two chilled nights as they say the cold in the night in the desert is as severe as its heat in the day.

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