Kurated by Kovfefed – July 17

MUJI, the minimalist Japan stationery brand, opened its first MUJI hotel in Ginza Tokyo. Guess where we will be staying the next time we visit Tokyo? Speaking of which, I have started planning our day trips from Tokyo.

Have you heard about Acorns? It’s an Australian micro-investment app which you can set up to invest your spare change automatically. It’s pretty neat. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Next, I am going to try the zero dollar savings hack.

Fafa, Jik and I watched Hush together after reading the recommendations on the internet. Even though it falls into my favourite genre, psychological thriller, it turned out to be crappy, nothing like Get Out at all—what a waste of wine brain hour. On the contrary, I highly recommend The Big Sick playing written and starred by Kumail Nanjiani, playing in the cinema right now. You’ve got to watch it!

Remember when I told you in the past two expat diaries that I have been hooked on to the true-crime podcasts? I have a few new faves: Bloody Murder (Australian grown! 5*), MUM and True Crime Island. I am so addicted to true crime podcasts! I have been envy-stalking Crime-Con Facebook page. Also, have been thinking to go to the next year’s event in Nashville. Do I need help? Gather at my place for an intervention, you guys!

Improve your caffeine game with the ultimate coffee drink recipe. My first try is going to be the grilled pineapple latte with Fafa as my guinea pig.

Some weird tips to improve your magickal and the daily practice of it.

A friend recommended Coffee Mets Bagel as a feel-good #ladieschoice dating app. Check it out!

Lastly, I will be incorporating the 1-hour weekend activity to improve the week ahead.

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