June 2017

I am not a fan of this month. It has been unkind. Most of the time, I felt like I was flailing and unfocused. Like I have been pulling in many directions, mostly just distractions. I wasn’t as organized nor as productive as I would like to be. It’s a month with less structure and routines, where I have been over-committing, under-delivering, and not trying my best. My weekdays were gone without noticeable outputs, and my weekends were gone with massive swept of doing nothing.

On top of that, I have been complaining way too much (like now!) and feeling out of control. It might have to do with the emotional moon in Cancer (The Chariot), the beginning of the cold season, or the fact that I had fallen sick twice this month. The winter blues are hitting me hard. And I, for one, am glad that June is going to be over and done with within a matter of hours.

Even though this month generally sucks, I had my happy moments with Fafa and my parents. The highlight was visiting Jakarta. I got to spend time with my parents, ate mouth-watering warm home-cooked meals, and went out for dinner with them, just like the old times, at Jittlada. I spent quality time with my cousins and uber-cute nieces, who got board games from me this time. I also met, prayed, and thanked black Ganesha.

In Melbourne, I went to a hot-pot with a few Chinatown colleagues, where they gave us individual soup bowl. It was the perfect dinner during the cold season. I hope we eat hot-pot more often, like once a month, during the winter.

We celebrated Eid with spicy chicken and Gorman shopping. I also invited a couple of colleagues to our place. We drank wine, ordered BBQ chicken from Kong, and bitched about work and people at work. Good times.

This month’s new-to-me Australia product caught my attention is the essential oils from Perfect Potion, especially the EMGODDESS range.

Inspired by the book Lunar Abundance, I have been charting the moon-cycle and comparing it with my moods. So far, I haven’t discovered any significant connections yet, except for being more introverted during the waning moon. Still, about the moon, I went to a moon workshop and wrote ten manifestation wishes during the dark moon. I will keep you updated on how many and what are the wishes that come true in July.

EMF happened last week. The first one I attended was the Food Writing. It included a five-course dinner at Ricky & Pinky, shared with the famous food writer, Michael Harden. I learned a little, enjoyed the food and the company a lot. The second was the Bad Writing, where six writers shared their bad writings from the past. Though a couple of them were good, generally, the event was a snooze fest.

Autumn arrived like a couple of months ago, but now, having celebrated Yule on 21st June, Winter is officially here. Ugh! Even though I don’t hate it as much as last year, I feel a bit more bitter this time around, as if I have internalized my hatred for the cold season. Is this a symptom of winter blues?

When Play Station didn’t come with a number yet, I played a Harvest Moon farming game. I played it together simultaneously with at least half of my high school classmates. Every morning, we exchanged notes on our farms’ progress, the live stocks, vegetable gardens, and some accidentally discovered game hacks. This game single-handedly increased this misfit teenager’s happiness and ended up being one of my most treasured memories.

Later, my love for farming was temporarily satisfied when I played  Farm Ville and Hay Day on iPhone, but it’s not the same. Meanwhile, I have been keeping track of the original game’s installments that I could play on Fafa’s Play Station. I finally found one called Stardew Valley. At first, I didn’t want to buy it; rationalizing that it was a waste of time, it’s not the Harvest Moon, and that as an adult, I would get bored after a couple of hours of playing. The second time I saw it, I was in vulnerable conditions, I was sick, and it was on discount. I bought it and played it on a sick day. I named my character Kal and the farm Kulture Kween, naturally. After the many, MANY, hours spent farming virtual corps later, I could attest that the game still brings me joy.

I also received Tsum Tsum PJs and rabbit socks from Che, even though it’s her birthday, and I was the one who was supposed to give her something! Thank you, Che! I like it! Once again, Happy Birthday, bro!

I cut down online shopping to zilch this month. And I finally paid my credit card bill in full. I also bought replacement jeans after I tore my jeans at work. It has happened once before during an important work meeting, so this time I wasn’t too distressed by the tragedy.

Next month, I want to keep a record of my daily spending. Suppose the mission is a success. I will reward myself with a new wallet with a zip to hold my crystal, I-Ching, and Aussie coins.

I read and finished The Girl Before, a psychological thriller by J.P. Delaney, on the plane ride to Jakarta. It was terrific! I forgot the last time I read a book I couldn’t put down. On the way back to Melbourne, I got Get A Life The Diaries of Vivienne Westwood. This, together with the other half-read books, will be my next month read.

Also, I watched and became an instant fan of the British sitcom Chewing Gum. It’s written and starred by Michaela Coel and made me LOL. But, I don’t think it’s for everyone, because the scenes can be inappropriate at times. If you are not sure what I am saying, check it out for yourself.

You guys, I have been so profoundly hooked on true crime podcasts, my absolute faves are True Crime Garage, Case File, Australian True Crime, True Murder, Felon, and They Walk Among Us. You can download all for free from the iPhone podcasts. I have downloaded True Crime Japan as well, but haven’t listened to it. Now, my morning coffee routine includes discussing the cases with Pedro, my colleague, who has memorized the names and stories of these notorious criminals since he was a teenager. Please tell me if you are a true crime fan as well!

Yesterday, with the hoo-ha of the Petya ransomware virus attack across Australia’s business, my office laptop got confiscated after being flagged for the brute force attack on WordPress. Damn you, WordPress!

Even though life has been messy, I managed to write a fair amount of posts this month. My absolute favorites were when I ate at the Jiro Sushi in Tokyo, becoming a plant mama, and ten power of travel. I wrote about New Zealand, the alternatives to coffee in Auckland, and sleeping in the most beautiful BnB in Rotorua. I also squeezed in a foodie post for the month. This month, it’s the Khmer cuisine.

The new interest in Tarot made me go through the archives of Beth’s writing in the Little Red Tarot. I emailed her recently to tell her I loved her and asked her whether she would be featured here. If she says yes, expect the revival of the “Meet The Kween” blog series soon as I already have a Q&A interview with a kick-ass witch brewing in the background.

I am taking time off from adulting this weekend to recover from the flu and hide from the winter. This means staying in, fully charged electric blanket, takeouts, and logging in serious farming hours. I also plan to do grounding meditation soon to shake flailing-ness off. Next week I am going to visit Jik in Sydney for the much-needed girly/pow-wow time. In mid-July, a few colleagues and I are doing a Dim Sum Sunday. As usual, I try to squeeze in one more travel to a new place sometime in the month.

Thank you for reading my rants for the month. I shall come back with a rosier worldview next month.

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