Kurated by Kovfefed – Apr 17

  • A new-to-me blog that I loved this month would be Eric Kim Photography. I stumbled upon it on Flipboard and ended up following him on BlogLovin. Eric writes about photography, writing, and life musings in a simple clean manner. I have been going through his archive since the start of the Japan trip.
  • I started listening to the Budget and Cents podcasts by Cait Flanders and Carrie Smith. It is giving me constant nudges to organize the currently out of control credit card bills eeeeep… Maybe I should start with a month-long shopping ban in May. That would be a double eeeeep…
  • How about buying a $27k tiny house by MUJI? The almost dead minimalist in me starting to get its strength back.
  • I read an article about #GaijinConfessionFriday in the Japan Times (yeah, I read newspaper in Japan. I am a better version of myself in Japan) and tweeted the hashtag last Friday.
  • Various food items from Kanazawa.
  • An increasing number of women are practicing witchcraft.
  • Why I Write? was the first post I read on Eric’s blog and it got me hooked.
  • Best and worst things about living in Japan.

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