Ohayōgozaimasu from Takayama!

Earlier, I woke up to the sunlight coming from a square-shaped window with no curtain, right above the futons where I lied down. From the shape of it and the angle of the light, even being half asleep, I knew I was in Japan.

Still laying on the futon, I am writing to you from a ryokan, in the traditional tatami room of Takayama onsen-hotel. It’s not even 6 AM yet, but I am kinda an early riser in Japan. A good habit I have cultivated easily over the week. Yet another reason for me to move to Japan.

Back to the window, from where I lay down, I can’t see anything but thick clouds. But I know if I stand up and peek out of it, I will see the beautiful Takayama. The town, with its houses, streets, the people and lossoming Sakura, will greet me Ohayōgozaimasu.

There must be others who are awake, who are lying on their futons, who are looking at the same clouds I am. It makes me feel like I am partaking a tiny fraction of Japanese culture. That for a few seconds, looking up to the window from where I lay down, I am living the local life.

I am in utter bliss at the moment thanks to Takayama’s vibes.

Wouldn’t have thought a combination of sleeping on the futon with a fat blanket, the morning silence in an almost empty tatami-floored room, and a 90° angle window with a cloudy sky view could bring me such joy.

You know what, I am going to log-off and savor this feeling of pause, connection, and short nothingness. Because I know in a blink of an eye this very moment will become a mere memory.

Have you been to Takayama? It’s one of my favorite cities in Japan, after Kyoto and Tokyo.

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