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Five of Cups in Kyoto

I pulled Five of Cups today. Five of Cups is about feeling the lack of fulfilment or non-attainment of expected results and feeling disappointed that a situation didn’t turn out as expected.

Well, I am writing this from our ryokan in Kyoto. It is my second time in the city that I claimed to be my favourite place in the world. And as hard as it’s for me to admit, I didn’t enjoy Kyoto as much as I had the first time around.

Maybe it’s the ryokan we are staying in?

I was expecting for Fafa to be awed by his first time ryokan, but this Ryokan Hirashin is not good. There is an in-house onsen, which I checked out yesterday night. Sad to report back that it was below standard.

And Kyoto is unbelievably crowded thanks to the peak tourist season.

Maybe that’s why I don’t feel the connection I felt to Kyoto the first time around?

Well, I still enjoyed our day out earlier, just that I have been reminiscing about our earlier days in Tokyo too many times today.

3 thoughts on “Five of Cups in Kyoto

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