SQ Seat 58A 1.31 PM

I am on way to Narita. To Tokyo. To Japan. The last time I was there was in 2015. Less than 2 years ago, but with my constant yearning about Japan, it feels like a lifetime away.

We reached Singapore a couple of hours behind schedule. We headed straight to the food court for some chicken rice and teh-o.

I tried to book a transit hotel but it was full. Lack of plan on our part.

Ended up Ninja sleeping on the waiting room seat near the gate.

It was uncomfortable with occasionally being woken up by people onboarding and once by the Indian song played by the janitor.

A couple of dreams later — including the last one being unable to walk due to sharp pain in my tight and complaining it to Amma — I woke up to a real sharp pain because of the ninja style sleeping.

Having had enough with the sleeping, we decided to take shower in the lounge by paying $16 each at 5.10 AM.

It turned out to be the best thing we agreed on today.

I felt so much better and much more alive, relatively happier, and kind. I guess it’s true that they say nothing like a hot shower can’t fix. Feeling much lighter. We walked around and had kopi team breakfast: butter sugar toast and iced-lemon tea for Fafa, half boiled eggs and another teh-o for me.

We walked around and stopped at Starbucks to satiate my year long craving of Starbucks’ moist almond cake. I think they don’t carry it anymore 😞. Every time I tried to get it none of Singapore Starbucks have it. I think that’s officially become a memory from the past. RIP almond cake.

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