SQ Seat 58A 1.31 AM

I am, inside Boeing 777, on the way to Narita. To Tokyo. To Japan. The last time I was there was in 2015. Less than two years ago, but with my constant yearning about Japan, it feels like a lifetime away.

I have been on the plane for an hour or so. The plane toilet leaked, and they already called a plane technician to help fix it during the stopover in Singapore. 

I am pretty hungry and quite tired but happy. Super excited about Singapore and then Japan. 

This morning, despite being up by 6 AM, I sat in the bathroom and drew a tarot card. 

My question was: “Tell me about my travel today?” and guess what I pulled a Chariot. I associate the Chariot card with travel. Being on the move. Hence I felt like it’s a send-off from the Universe saying, “safe travel, baby!” It made me feel calmer and positive about taking multiple flights to reach Japan. 

During boarding time, I googled The Chariot. Oh, the meaning is not that simple. Is about hard work, making decision etc. I err don’t relate to that, but Biddy of Biddy Tarot mentioned that it’s related to the trip, specifically a road trip. Oh well, I guess all kind of trip is still some trip anyway. Or maybe it’s referring to being on the road while on the trip, like being stuck in the anxiety-inducing traffic this evening, on the way to the airport and then now being stuck here on a plane. 

Where is the food? I am so hungry… Once they feed me, I am going to sleep and wake up in Singapore. My Singapore. Hopefully, the airport food court is open 24-7 so I can have two boiled eggs and teh-o before boarding the next flight to Japan.

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