March 2017

Highlights and Happenings

Today marks a year of my life as a Melbourne expat. I know saying a lot has happened would be cliche, but yeah, a lot has happened. To be exact, a lot of adulting has happened.

My best friends are in town, and it has been entertaining to host them. It’s like having an adult sleepover party every night. They said they love Melbourne. Good! Maybe I can convince them to move and be Melbourne expats as well. That would be awesome.

We celebrated their visit and my one year here with a road trip to the Great Ocean Road and just came back a couple of hours ago. I got the chance to practice my rusty photography skill on one of the most scenic road trips ever. Promise to share the pictures accompanied by a story soon.

Another highlight, following Liz’s advice, I got a tarot reading and finished it with heaps of positive vibes which I carry until now. Highly recommended!

New and Loving

Remember last month I said I am trying to be less auto-pilot-ey and be more engaged-ey? Happy to report that I am continuing the effort. Generally, I try to be more mindful of how I spend my time, money and life.

I made the space in my schedule to have a lunch date with Manda, couple dates with Fa’s friends, brunch with Liz and explore new-to-me Melbourne neighbourhoods. Not only that, this month, I finally took the plunge and enrolled in an online writing course. It has been quite insightful and engaging. I hope to apply the things I learn there and write better here.

Another new thing this month would be the Egyptian cotton sheet which I got from recently from Bath Bed and Table. It has increased the quality of my rest and sleep so much compared to the good old IKEA ones which I had been using in the past decade. This life-changing experience (only a bit of exaggeration here) made me think other minor changes I can do to make my life better. Since then, I have put a double rainbow maker, and a wind chime in the patio and donated a small portion of my wardrobe.

I joined Radical Self Love Coven to celebrate Ostara (or Mabon for us in the Southern hemisphere) and have been hanging out with the unique blend of the open-minded ladies in the Facebook group. Every day I learn at least one exciting thing shared by the group member, the latest one being the lipstick charm.


A newfound blog that I have been reading religiously back to its years-long archive is Zenned Out, which I stumbled upon while looking for Mandy Moore’s moon necklace from This Is Us. Speaking of This Is Us, it was the best TV show in 2017. A must watch, like right now, you guys. I also finished Greenleaf season 1 in the background while doing my errands at home. I was drawn to it because of Oprah and kept watching it because of the drama.

I started listening to Slow Home and Biddy Tarot podcasts this month. The latter inspired me to get the book Tarot For One by Courtney Weber. I finished reading it in a week, which was a huge accomplishment because I haven’t finished any paperback I bought this year. Yeah, about that, I am all about paperback this year, thanks to Book Depository. Yes, I am fully aware of my acute case of Tsundoku (also  Tsundokindle for that matter). It’s a Japanese term for buying books without reading them. Well, at least it sounds cool.

Thank You, Next!

The upcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival marks the start of my second year in Melbourne. I attended the Comedy Pub Crawl last year on my first weekend here. And now it’s here again. I have booked it again, this time with Fafa and Jik. I am also going to see the Dragon lady, Harry Potter parody, and the Goddess Complex stand up. Because how can I not?! My only regret is that I won’t be able to catch Chris D’Elia live because we won’t be in town.

Why?“, you asked.

Well, I saved the best for the last, we are going to Japan, you guys! Whee!!

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