A Four of Wands Day

I did a different type of morning tarot drawing today. Instead of one, I took five cards. Overambitious much?? I was inspired after reading the Good Morning Tarot Spread in the Witch magazine.

The first card is the focus of the day, followed by something to be excited about and a fun healing activity. The fourth card is advice for the day and the last one being an event that might happen.

Almost all of the cards seemed gloomy and unrelatable.

I then consulted the book and read that the Four of Wands is an optimistic card, and if it appears in the reading, it is the only thing that matters.

Oh well, I carried on with my day focusing on that.

I ended up having a great night with Nikki and Liz drinking and steak night-ing at Belgium Beer cafe. It felt just like the old times.

One thought on “A Four of Wands Day

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