January 2017

This month…

A lot has happened since I wrote the last of the series from Christchurch, which is where I am going start with, which also is the highlight of this month (other than hanging out with my parents, obvs!). We went on a road trip to New Zealand south island for Christmas, Anniversary and New Year.

And I still stand by my words when a couple of years ago I said:

New Zealand’s natural beauty is second to none.

My favourite part of the trip was the stargazing at Lake Tekapo. I also loved the sight of the lone tree at Wanaka, where we Airbnb-ed a farm stay for the New Year. I will share more stories of the New Zealand road trip once I recuperate from this the month-long flu.

Now, let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room, which is one of the new things of the month. Not only I changed the name of the blog, from Foreign Geek to Kulture Kween, I have a completely different vision for this blog, which the old blog has been lacking for some time now. I hope with a clear vision and loads of self-discipline, Kulture Kween will grow into an actual book, something I have been dreaming forever. More than that, I really hope that it invigorates me and push to grow into a better version of myself.

Alright, I will stop it here as I have talked more about it in the first post this year, check out that post and the about me page if you would like to know more about Kulture Kween. I think you should because it’s going to be legen.. wait or it.. dary.

Other new things of the month are the hot pot dinner at the China Chili with colleagues, Korean grill at Mrs. Kim, discovering a new acceptable tasting nasi lemak delivery for $13.80 and hosting the couples dinner party. So basically most of my new things revolve around food.

Oh wait, I actually do have one more new thing, we got a car! #adulting. The car is red and we decided to name her Firebolt, that’s as much as I know about it. Now, all I need to do is to learn to drive and buy a fridge. #notsogoodinadulting.

Quality time with Che, purple room, Excelso iced Choco-chip coffee (there is nothing like it in Melbourne, ugh!), meeting my little niece, for my parents keeping my old MacBook instead of selling it and Passion Planner time.

So all in all January has been a great start of 2017. I had so many happy things to celebrate and it doesn’t escape me that I am extremely blessed, especially for living as a Melbourne expat.

I have been watching tons of New Zealand’s Bravo TV hours (Hoarders, Come Date With Me, Killer Couples to name a few); Western World, which I watched on the plane and was disturbing enough to keep me hooked for hours; Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal and How To Get Away From A Murder (YAY!!); The Passenger movie, which we watched in Queenstown; Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House and Iris documentaries. I highly recommend both of it, the first gave a major desire to downsize and the latter inspired me to dress funkier; Making It Up As I Go Along by Marian Keyes; Feng Shui World magazine, which broke down the reasons why Kim and Kanye keep having difficult times, we all need to subscribe, stat!

Next Month…

Hosting a dinner for my colleagues who have been feeding me regularly since last year, paintball war, holiday park stay, and celebrating Valentine’s day. Things I don’t look forward to next month: studying and taking an exam on Valentine’s day. Ugh! All right, you guys, that’s all for now. I am off to the mall, to stock up a year’s worth of fun tees from Pull & Bear and meet my cousins. We have a movie, dinner, at least two desserts, and out of town excursion planned for the day. Oh, one last thing before I go, Happy Lunar New Year to all my readers! Wish you a promising fire rooster year ahead.

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