What Ifs?

Have you ever stopped and thought about the what-ifs? The ones that derive from normal. The ones that you don’t usually ponder.

The free time, long walks in Sydney made me think of irregular stuff. Like what if I am passionate about other things instead of the things I am into now, like travels.

Would I write more about it?

I know of a Japanese blogger who writes almost obsessively about the food she cooks or the flower she buys.

That’s unusual.

I could write about the restaurant recommendation or woes of uber drivers or write about windows.

Is there a blogger dedicated to writing just about windows? Do you think the world is reading for another blogger about windows? I also wondered what if I stop writing? Either abandoning the blog it or taking a break like another blogger friend, Aish, did. I can always come back again, but do I have it in me to abandon this blog or even more pick it up where I left off if I leave it.

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