Today has been pretty uneventful New Zealand road trip saga wise.

We are staying in at a small town called Timaru for one night before continuing the trip to Queenstown.

First impression of Timaru was that it’s empty. It appeared dead. Sans any kind of activity. Even at 4 PM.

We finally found a watering hole at the corner of the town where we sat down for a glass of beer, two bottles of cider and a cheese platter. All turned out to be pretty meh.

For dinner, we walked to a gaudily designed Chinese restaurant nearby called Golden Palace where we paid a bomb for an even more disappointing meal.

At times like these, I told myself that I ought to learn to eat sandwiches and make peace with it.

Or move to Japan and eat all the onigiri that I love so much, which I can get almost anywhere in that country.

We are staying in the 142yo Grosvenor hotel. Inside it has a weird painting of a man hanging by the window to escape from his mistress husband who caught them in the act. 

I booked this hotel solely based on their breakfast pancake-stacks which we will be eating tomorrow.

I finished Liane Moriarty’s latest book: Truly Madly Guilty. I also tried Blood Orange Ecaluptus tea and Chocolate Fingers for the first time today. Both being New Zealand delicacies.

Oh well, today wasn’t that uneventful I guess.

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