December 2016

Today marks my 9th month in Melbourne (though I am not technically there). I have been a Melbourne expat for 3/4 year! Inspired by another blog, I started writing about being an expat in Melbourne a few moons ago. I truly enjoy documenting the summary of the last 30 days’ happenings in life, and I hope you like reading it.

December is my second most favourite after September (fall+bday month). I love how everything turns Christmas-ey this time around. The experience is more real here in Australia, where no other holiday could even come as close, compared to Singapore’s potluck culture.

Another highlight of this month is Christmas, which also means Christmas tree (up since the first day of December), Christmas events, office Christmas and Secret Santa, or Kris Kringle here in Australia. We also have been attending either Christmas dinner or party every weekend since the beginning of the month.

So all in all, December/Christmas rocks!

Except maybe for the delayed deliveries due to the peak shopping season. I intended to send Christmas cards to the beloved ones and blogger friends from all over the world, unfortunately, I only received the order couple of days ago 😦 So, guys, some of you will get a very belated Merry Christmas from Melbourne, next year.

Still, about postage, I thought I left my philatelic soul back in Indonesia when I chose to leave the stamp collection behind. Temporarily. But I really couldn’t resist myself when I saw the appropriately themed Christmas Island-Australia Christmas edition stamp when I stepped into the post office today to collect the glittery gingerbread man Christmas ornament I ordered online.

It has been the most pleasant this month since people are already in the holiday mood. It’s just three workweeks with the last one without the bosses who went on an early holiday. The past week had been a pure bliss at work. Starbucks stop in the morning for the delicious Toffee Nut Latte, long hour lunches, mid-workday errand running, a glass of wine here and there, also going back on the dot. I needed this wind down at workweek so severely, and I thank the Universe for giving it to us.

A Brazilian TV show called 3%, which I finished in two nights.

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