Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown Diary Day 1

We went to Queenstown downtown today. It was crowded and happening. We started with hot cocoa at Patagonia continued with early lunch at Taco Medic because for some reason we were hungry again by 10AM.

Baja Fish Taco Medics Queenstown New Zealand

I loved the Bata Fish Taco, which they claimed to be it’s the best taco in the world, but I think Sydney’s taco is much better.

We then went to Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar where I dunked warms cookies into the cold milk. It’s so yummy! But not again, not as good as Mustache in Auckland. Next stop was Glassons a local fashion brand where I easily found clothing I like. I bought five items and would have bought more if only I wasn’t lazy enough to try in the fitting room.

I also got a Pahua shell as an anniversary gift from Fafa. LOVE it!

We cruised around lake Wakatipu which was beautiful and had been the highlight of today.

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