I Blog

You guys, I realized recently that I have been blogging regularly for some time now. It’s big for me because I have been committed to something for the longest time. Longer than working as a professional ghost hunter and making babies on SIMS back then.

I have had blogs before with sporadic posts, mostly about myself, living life, and drinking coffee from a noodle bowl. I am still the same, the bowl is still there, but this time I stick with a blog for years and I have spent good hours writing and sharing readable posts instead of watching 30 Rocks Marathon in loops.

I have been blogging while being in the sky, inside the bathtub, from hotel rooms, train, bus, bed; at 2 AM, on New Year’s Eve, when I was sick and during office meetings. I love it! Writing gives me joy and stretches my mind. From this blog, I have connected with so many amazing people out there. It’s like joining an awesome sauce tribe.   

Some say only a small fraction of bloggers will become “successful” and make money from blogging. People say the same thing about being a trader, only 2% of us will earn money and the same goes for being a writer. At this rate it feels like anything we do, we won’t ever be as famous as a celebrity sex tape, but that isn’t it, is it? Who defines success? Our success? I don’t start this blog-hopping to get fame nor money; I have a job that I hate for it.

I blog because it makes me happy. And writing regularly worth a celebration. So I celebrated, with the best things in life, candles, cheesecake, and Fafa.

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