And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow

– Gilbert Chesterton

When I told Amanda I am going to Perth, she said “oh you will like it there, the weather is nice, the winter is mild not as ready as Melbourne“.

And with that information, I packed a light sweater and went my way to Perth. It turned out the weather in Perth last weekend was anything but mild. It was raining when we touched down at the airport at midnight.

The next morning, it was warm and sunny. After that, it was a constant flip between sun and rain almost every hour. The weather, in short, was wicked.

But the wickedness came with rainbow, you guys, almost constantly every few hours and it was sort of amazing!

Living in a concrete jungle like Singapore, rainbow spotting was an extremely rare case for me. The first time I spotted a double rainbow was in a New Zealand couple of years ago. And before that, it was only a handful number of times I have seen a rainbow. Ever. Until last Saturday, when I spotted more than eight, or maybe ten rainbows if you count the double ones.

I never knew that rainbow spotting could bring so much joy but it did. I was so excited every time I spot one which made the people I was touring with that day excited too. At least they were excited to show me whenever they spotted one before I did as we bonded over a day tour and long hours drive in between.

Now I get it. I get the hoo-ha about the rainbow, it’s sort of magical. It felt like a sign of blessing from the Universe.

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