Work Date

Fitbit: 9,255 flat white: 2. One free. Wine: 3

I am drunk and I think two George Clooneys are looking at me. Today has been filled with so much fun stuff.

It started with an appraisal session in the coffee shop downstairs with Luiz. Everything is good. He said I was as expected as what people told him about me. I wonder what people told him about me. Then I stopped working from 4 PM and chatted with Manda and Che before knocking off by 5.30 PM for drinks.

The first stop was Arbory the longest bar along with Flinders St station. It was my first time there, but from the look of it, it has been my colleagues’ favorite. Arbory was filled with people tonight! Unfortunately, they didn’t have Moscato, but they had fresh oysters and I had just that. Lots of it. Because oyster is the bomb!

The second bar was Bar Deluxe. It’s where I am going to photography class on Sunday; not that I told them that. I don’t know why I downplayed my life. I haven’t even told them about Fafa yet.

Manda treated me to a glass of Moscato there before we wrapped it up and headed to a ramen restaurant which name I couldn’t remember now. We had ramen and yuzu plum wine. The ramen was acceptable. And now I am completely drunk. But not too drunk to get into my train that’s been passing by in front of me.

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