31 Reasons I Didn’t Blog Much This Month

  1. I flew back to Indonesia.
  2. and had dinner dates with my parents.
  3. Got my hair dyed red and then pink.
  4. Bumped into someone from the past while running errands, wearing a very-old-not-fit-for -public-viewing dress.
  5. Met Cheryl and the old office gang.
  6. Got my tooth temporarily fixed by a questionable dentist.
  7. Tried to convince a cousin to postpone the wedding while being completely drunk.
  8. And flew to Singapore the next day.
  9. Watched Kabali.
  10. I spent a nostalgic evening with my girlfriends at the Botanical Garden.
  11. Caught up with Shrill: Notes From A Loud Woman by Lindy West on the plane back to Melbourne and then during the 3 hours queue in the immigration.
  12. Tried and failed to #shinetheory a colleague.
  13. Filed my tax return.
  14. Cast a group spell in my first Magick workshop.
  15. Cleared teenage styled jumpers from the closet while adding a couple of ass-fitting skirts into it.
  16. Attended an office BBQ party.
  17. Flew to Sydney for the weekend.
  18. Run 5k marathon #TropicalColorRun with Jik.
  19. Got pissed at myself for not following the Sydney Tea Festival.
  20. Caught up with The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer on the plane back to Melbourne.
  21. Attended another office BBQ party.
  22. Stalked Evelyn From The Internets.
  23. Printed and hanged some pictures.
  24. Work late almost every day and being stressed out by work stuff.
  25. Felt sick, took sick leave day to rest and highly needed me-time.
  26. Having early nights thanks to drowsy medicine.
  27. Attended Melbourne Writers Festival.
  28. Cooked steak on weekends.
  29. Watched Broadchurch, Luther and In Between.
  30. Celebrated Blogiversary with a cupcake as the tradition.
  31. In the midst of moving the blog from WordPress to Squarespace.

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