Writing Vs. Not Writing

I have wanted to get back to writing, especially over the weekends, but I find it hard to pick it up after being hiatus for some time.

This could be the reason why there are heaps of abandoned blogs and papers out there.

Heck, forget ‘out there’, I have more than a dozen of half-written notebooks in my drawers. All because to start writing again after stopping for some time is not easy, but I also realised that:

Not writing made me feel grumpy or just plain sad.

At times, writing tires me down and takes up the time for my (passive) training to become the next level crime detective. But not writing makes me feel incomplete.

Between both, I choose to keep writing.

Ps. I passed my business card to a lovely librarian who I met in Melbourne Writers Festival today. Before we parted ways, her parting words were:

“keep on writing; even when you are doubting your work, it gets better!”

Amen to that!

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