Sydney Color Run

My first ever color run was in mid-April in Melbourne, and the next one was in mid-August in Sydney. My experience between these two Color Run events was as different as day and night and here’s why…


The Melbourne Night Color Run was held on one of the coldest and wettest autumn nights. I don’t know who was the ‘genius’ behind the schedule, but on that day I felt like kicking their ass. It took extra willpower to brave the windy rain and join the queue at the start line. In the end, when we reached home pneumonia-less, it felt really good to have stuck through it.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t ask for better weather during the Sydney Tropical Color event. It was a sunny and warm morning which put everyone in a good mood. The vibe was absolutely positive. The only downside was me coming back to Melbourne a shade darker.

Melbourne 0 – Sydney 1


The chill air during Melbourne Night Color Run forced us to run, or at least we did short jogs/fast walks. So, essentially, we did some sort of exercise.

Meanwhile, the warm morning for the Sydney Tropical Color Run had the opposite effect on me. I just wanted to soak it all in and enjoy the lovely day with my BFF. We walked, talked, and did a little bit of stalking (more on that below).

Melbourne 1 – Sydney 0


My favorite part of Melbourne Night Color Run was the dedicated music section where people happily danced with soap bubbles floating in the air and fun songs blasting in the background. Unfortunately, the Sydney Tropical Color Run didn’t have this section at all. Boooo…

On the other hand, it had a free photo booth with lots of props that we could use which was crazy fun. Jig and I went and got our unshowered faces printed on the photo strips. Twice.

Melbourne vs. Sydney – it’s a tie


The initial plan was to wear the pink tutu I got in the Melbourne Night Color Run pack to Sydney Tropical Color Run, but I completely forgot about it. Damn! Still, I was excited that the Sydney Tropical Color Run pack came with a lei, a headband, and a cooler designed t-shirt, which I am going to wear together with the tutu in my next marathon.

Melbourne vs. Sydney – it’s also a tie           


You guys, I met the Grinch’s cousin, the blue lady. She stood near the finish line of the Sydney Tropical Color Run. She looked ecstatic, or terrifying, depending on the way you wished to see her. Not that she would care about what you thought of getup. She clearly was having a great time while refusing to squirt the blue powder on anyone who was not a toddler.

Melbourne (without the creepy Blue Lady) vs. Sydney (supporting the happy Blue Lady) another tie score

You might have started assuming that the post would end with a tie in score between Melbourne and Sydney but no, not really, because the Sydney Tropical Color Run had something else, which was… ding…ding…ding…


No matter how profoundly my BFF refuses, I have taken it upon myself to play Cupid in her life. The thing is that unlike the usual matchmaker who understands that the most basic duty is to find common ground between two people, I choose her prospect men without any basis. My MO is to find a man in a crowd (preferably Indian), point him out to her, and start planning their dates, wedding menu, and honeymoon destination.

This time it was this brown man who came with a mixed group of friends which, in my eyes within minutes, made him a 1) fun, 2) athletic, 3) open-minded, and 4) full of prospects person. I teased her about him, and she gave me a disappointed “why are friends, again?” look. This kept going on for a long time since we had to wait in the queue for our batch to run and the guy, my future friend-in-law, was standing right in front of us. You tell me if you don’t think it was destiny??

Melbourne 0 – Sydney 1 (or 100 if they ever meet again in the future )

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