July 2016

As you know, I recently moved from WordPress to Squarespace. It was not a well-thought move, and I partially regret it in the beginning but decided to stick with it anyway because it means I get to learn new things. Also, I was bored with WordPress for some time now.

This big move means I have to build the blog almost from scratch, which includes uploading thousands of pictures. Damn! Even the thought of it depresses me. Alas, I gotta do what I gotta do.

Unfortunately, since time is limited (I have to juggle a day job with this blog), I have to take (another) time off for a month or two from writing new blog posts and put the blog housekeeping hat on. I am really sorry about that, you guys!

Meanwhile, just to keep you hooked on Kulture Kween, I plan to #TBT of the popular blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday (with fresh new updates) until I get back to full-on writing mode.

Really hope things above will keep you entertained until I am back maybe for Blogmas. I know it feels like months away, but man, I need time to upload 2000+ pictures. *cue tears flowing on my cheeks*.

One thought on “July 2016

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