Emerging Writer’s Festival

I have been wanting to attend the Melbourne Writers Festival ever since I asked Jik to take my picture in front of the MWF sign at Federation Square when we visited Melbourne as tourists in 2013.

I have to wait until September to attend my first MWF but in the meantime, I got my “writer fix” by attending Emerging Writer’s Festival in these two weeks, which have been an awesome learning and interesting experience.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival runs from 14-24 June with the National Writer’s Conference squeezed in over the weekend. We could get the day pass, weekend pass or the magical Golden ticket which allows the entrance to any event for the two weeks.

I got myself a Saturday pass and blocked my calendar for weeks before. I am not embarrassed to admit that I have been looking forward to the Emerging Writers’ Festival. It’s my kind festival. #fellownerd.

I must also admit that due to my own laziness, I missed the first session of the National Writer’s Conference. The 5X5 Rules of Writing session. Damn, not being a morning person feels like a curse at times. I need to practice my discipline cells!

Coincidentally, discipline was one of the topics that were discussed on The Perfect Day panel, which I sneaked in 10 minutes into it.

The Perfect Day session was all about finding out how to be a writer while juggling our other lives. One of the writers shared about her version of the perfect day and ended it with a side note to be disciplined in writing. A reminder for my lazy ass! This panel is by far the best event I have attended during this year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival. The talk was engaging, inspiring and informative. I found it helpful and relatable to be implemented in our lives and writing.

During the lunch break, I browsed the Readings bookshop in the library. There I found the books by the authors whose discussion, I just attended. I never attended a book signing before, and it was kinda electrifying to hold the books written by the people I sat a few feet from.

It was a powerful inspiration.

These writers, they seemed ordinary, just like you and me, but they have a book or more under their names. I know it’s like every other blogger’s dream to write a book. It’s mine too. Man, how great would it be to have my own book?!

Consider myself inspired.

I know what I need to do to get closer to the dream, at least a few first steps and I am going to do it. Who knows, maybe one day I will be the speaker on the future Emerging Writers’ Festival. A crazy dream for someone with messy grammar? You bet! But what are we without our own craziness?

At first I thought this was a children’s illustrated book talk. Nope. It’s about the First Dog In The Moon, the hilarious political cartoons by the by the famous Guardian’s cartoonist, who also made a book titled A Treasury Of Cartoons. I had zero interest in Australia’s politics but if it was presented as funny as this conference had been, consider myself an enthusiast.

I truly enjoyed it, so much so that I named the Pusheen cat I got from the library bookstore as “First Dog On The Moon”. Its’ full name is First Dog On The Moon Emerging Writers’ Festival 2016 (FDOTM EWF16)”, which confused Fafa when introduced it to him, because it’s a cat but also a unicorn or Pusheenicron.

Oh, we also got goodie bags at the National Writer’s Conference. Rad!

It’s filled with magazines, books, a notebook, a newspaper, and some writing course brochures. It has also been my dream to take a year or two from work-life to deep dive into learning creative writings. Obviously, the unicorn cat was not a part of the goodie bag and neither was the calendar. It was given to me randomly by the First Dog On The Moon illustrator. I thanked and promised him that I will get his book with my next paycheck.

So glad I found out and have the chance to attend this year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival. It fed my souls and nourished my mind with inspirations.

I attended the rest of the events on Saturday, including Social Justice Writing (eye-opening), Drawing Words (boring), a writing and publishing case study (couldn’t relate to it). I also attended a couple more events this week, including Sticks and Stones, the interesting debate whether the internet text and Twitter is degrading the English language.

Tomorrow is the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s last day. If you are interested, why don’t you come to the closing night party at the 1000 £ Bend. I will be there too. I am attending It’s Not Easy Being Green where a number of writers share about the times that they have jealously regarded their peers beforehand. Sounds cool, right? Do come. See you there!

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