Mario Brothers Painting

For the longest time, I have always wanted to own an original artwork.

Over the years, I have been more than lucky to be given paintings of myself (painted by Yin), my goals (painted by Jik) and my alter ego (cat painting, a gift from W). The younger and broke me even took the matter into my own hands by creating an original painting or two.

But I still wanted to own original art, something that moves me, like the ones portrayed in the books, made by someone famous (by my standard).

Also, ever since we moved to the new apartment, we have been looking for something pretty (again by my standard) to decorate the bare white walls with.

We have been in and out of artwork shops and galleries ever since, admiring the arts, comparing the prices with our bank balances, and discussing our preferences. I like simple colored paintings, while Fafa is more into grand and colorful portraits.

We never bought anything, until last weekend.

We stumbled upon The Art Boy Gallery near the Pharan train station. At first, looking at the window display, I didn’t want to go inside. It clearly was a modern art gallery.

The thing is me and my brain don’t get modern art. I think not all that is claimed as the arts are actually arts and for me, most modern arts fall into that category.

Back to the gallery, I finally caved, I went in following Fafa who’s already inside. I roamed the small space half bored when Fafa called me from across the room to show what he was looking at. I joined him and laid my eyes on it. It took some time to register the details. Mario Brothers, a train (Shinkansen!), and Kyoto signboard; my happy childhood, my obsession, my dream city, and a dash of Japanese; all inside a small rectangular canvas in front of me.

I am getting the painting“, I told Fafa. And the rest was history.

The painting was created by Lukas Stobie, the Tokyo based Melbourne. Similar collections under PIXELS A Lukas Stobie Exhibition series can be find online.

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