Winter in Melbourne

We are officially entering winter in Melbourne this year, which also means this is my first winter in Melbourne.

Winter here is not something many of us look forward to since it can be brutal, and I for one despise it! But I remember I used to be fascinated by the winter back when I was living in Singapore, especially when I sweat profusely 360 days a year. I also remember that I wrote a note about my first winter experience during my trip to China in my travel journal.

I was so done living in the summer for 365 days that I packed my bag and moved to Melbourne. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I guess, Melbourne only has winter, without snow, and it’s brutal. This might be a sign for me which means I gotta move to a proper four-season country with a long stretch of Autumn like Japan.

What is your best or even first snow experience? What do you like about winter the best?

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